www.bunbuzz.com- Schlotzsky’s survey to win up to $1000 cash

www.bunbuzz.com is an official website where you can take Schlotzsky’s survey. Guest Satisfaction survey is a way to know about the feedback and opinions of the customers. Schlotzsky’s is a restaurant company which specializes in Sandwiches. In exchange for a time you spend on taking their survey they gives you a cash prize of up to $1000.

The success of restaurant is mainly based on the satisfaction of the customers. In this regard it is very important to know about the opinions and suggestions of the customers. For this Schlotzsky’s introduced their guest satisfaction survey, to participate in it you need to visit www.bunbuzz.com. Taking this short feedback survey gives you a chance to win $1000, this prize attracts a lot of customers towards Schlotzsky’s survey. Visit www.publixsurvey.com to participate in Publix survey and win $1000 by sweepstakes.

Knowing the feedback of the customers about the quality of food, services, staff and other relevant details is always a challenging task for the companies. Online surveys is a method many restaurants, companies, and stores have adopted over a time of decades. Schlotzsky’s guest satisfaction survey enables its customers to leave their worthy feedback and comments on the services, for this purpose they are Schlotzsky’s is using www.bunbuzz.com.

www.bunbuzz.com- Schlotzsky's survey to win up to $1000 cash

If surveying for only 5-10 minuets promises your chance to win $1000 then what are you waiting for? Read all the instructions and check if you are eligible for Schlotzsky’s guest satisfaction. If you are eligible, then immediately visit www bunbuzz com.

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About Schlotzsky’s

Famously known for their sandwiches, Schlotzsky’s is a Atlanta, Georgia based restaurant chain. Having their branch network expanded to more than 350 locations they are now one of the most successful restaurant businesses of the United States.

Focus brand is the parent company of this chain, Focus brand acquired it back in November 2006. Originally it was founded by Don and Dolores Dissman in 1971. The first franchise was in Austin, Texas. Apart from Sandwiches, their products also includes delicious pizzas, salads, wraps and pastas.

Schlotzsky’s has a very broad history ever since 1971. The founders started it from “small, hole-in-the-wall shop” with only one item in the menu. They used to sell only sandwiches, their sandwiches were called “The Original”. Jeff Wooley and Gary Bradley purchased this chain in 1981 and at that time there were around 100 franchise stores.

Schlotzsky’s survey at www.bunbuzz.com- A little know how

As we explained earlier what is the purpose of the Schlotzsky’s survey and what are they offering in exchange of this guest satisfaction survey. Visiting www bunbuzz com gives you a chance to win $1000 from Schlotzsky’s guest satisfaction survey.

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The survey questions are mostly related to your previous visits to the restaurants. You need to answer them honestly so that the management can improve the quality of their services. Some people believe that if they give negative feedback they won’t win the reward prize. Visit www.krispykremelistens.com and take Krispy Kreme survey to win a free Donut.

But this is totally a myth, they do not decide the winners based on the feedback they give. The reward is totally decided on the draw which is conducted without any criteria. Anyone can be the lucky winner, so you are free to leave any type of feedback. This will not reduce your chances to win the $1000 prize from Schlotzsky’s guest satisfaction survey.

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How to take Schlotzsky’s Guest satisfaction survey- Online Method

To take the Schlotzsky’s survey online you have to follow these below mentioned steps, read them carefully and do not miss anything.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website i.e. www.bunbuzz.com.
  • At the very first page, you are supposed to enter the store number, you can find this on the purchase receipt.
  • Be careful while entering the code.
  • You can choose English or Spanish as your preferred language.
  • Answer all the survey questions one by one, and with utmost honesty.
  • All your answers must be based on the recent visit of yours.
  • You can submit the survey only when you have answered all the questions.
  • Click on the submit button when you are done.
  • Following all the steps ensures a chance of winning a coupon, you can redeem this coupon on your next visit to any of the Schlotzsky’s restaurant.

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Schlotzsky’s survey homepage- www.bunbuzz.com

Firstly you should remember that if you try to reach www bunbuzz com from location other than United states you will not be able to open the survey page. There will be text telling you that Schlotzsky’s is not accepting survey from your location.

The landing page of www.bunbuzz.com is very easy to understand. It contains very simple entry fields and buttons. At this homepage you only have to enter the store number which is available on the top of your receipt. There is a progress bar the bottom of the page. After entering the code you have to hit the next button to move to the next page.

Schlotzsky's survey homepage- www.bunbuzz.com
Picture taken from www.bunbuzz.com

Rules and regulations for Schlotzsky’s survey

All the major rules and requirements are available below:

  • The minimum age requirement for a person to take Schlotzsky’s guest satisfaction survey is 18 years old.
  • You need a laptop, PC or tablet as it is difficult to participate in this survey from mobile phones.
  • A decent speed internet connection in necessary.
  • You need to have a purchase receipt, make sure the survey code is written on it.
  • The person taking survey must have an address and a phone number.
  • You should know your time and date of last visit.
  • One must be able to understand English or Spanish language.
  • One must be a resident of USA, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

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