Jacklistens Survey – Jack in the box Survey to win 3 Free Tacos

Jacklistens survey is conducted by Jack in the box fast food restaurant chain. As a result of taking Jack in the box survey, everyone can win 2 to 3 free tacos. Listens survey is a way this restaurant chain is getting feedback from the customers. This feedback is about services and quality of food. If you love their tacos and want to win for free then do follow this guide.

Like every other famous fast food restaurant chain, Jack in the box also wants to keep their services attractive to their customers. No one other than the customers themselves can analyze the services available for them. Similarly, food quality should be according to the standards. So through Jacklistens survey, jack in the box restaurant is ensuring the quality of food and customer friendly services. You can win $1500 by surveying at Arby’s We make it right.

Jacklistens Survey - Jack in the box Survey to win 3 Free Tacos

About Jack in the Box

With more than 2000 locations globally Jack in the box is one of the best fast food restaurants in the country. They are famous for their tasty Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Chickens, Salads, breakfast, and Deserts. Robert Oscar Peterson founded this chain 68 years ago in 1951. In a very short period of time, Jack in the box craved out its name in the food industry.

www.jackinthebox.com is their official website, you can visit it to check their menu and food items. Currently, they are serving in more than 21 states of the country. This chain is also famous for its theme based restaurants. They also serve tacos which is a traditional dish in Mexico. Also, they serve traditional Chinese egg rolls. Their headquarter is in San Diego, California.

Jacklistens Survey – to win 3 Tacos

Jacklistens survey is similar to other feedback surveys. In this customer feedback, you have to enter a code written on your receipt. As a result of entering a receipt code, you enter are able to enter the listens survey.

Everyone who wants to take Jack in the box survey must read guidelines and policies. You have to follow the rules so that you can get a coupon code and win free tacos. You can find all the rules and guidelines in details below.

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Once you enter jacklistens you are asked a few questions. These questions are relevant to services at restaurants and quality of food served. At the end of the Listens survey, you will get a coupon which contains a code.

Showing this code will win you 3 free tacos. One must be eligible in order to enter this customer satisfaction or guest experience survey. So you have been to Jack in the box restaurant recently? then follow this guide to win free food.

go to survey

Requirements of Jack in the Box survey

  1. First of all, you need to have a purchase receipt.
  2. The code on receipt is your key to enter the jacklistens survey.
  3. You must be currently residing in the United States of America.

Steps involved in Jacklistens survey

  1. Get your receipt on purchasing food from any restaurant location of Jack in the box.
  2. Visit www.jacklistens.com and select your language.
  3. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter a 14-digit code from the receipt.
  4. The questions will start appearing on your screen, honestly answer them all.
  5. You will be given coupon code at the end, save it carefully (write it on receipt).
  6. Show this coupon code at the restaurant on your next visit and redeem two free tacos.

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www.jacklistens.com Survey Homepage

The homepage of jacklistens.com has a black and white theme. This page asks you to select English or Spanish as your preferred language. On page 2 of this website, you will find an option to enter the survey code.

jack in the box survey homepage
Picture taken from jacklistens.com

Things to remember in Jack in the Box survey (Rules and Regulations)

  • You must have a purchase receipt.
  • Use the receipt in three days period, it is only valid for 3 days.
  • After taking the survey use the coupon code in 7 days.
  • One guest can enter once only.
  • Can not use this coupon with other offers.
  • If you are an employee at Jack in the box you are not eligible.
  • You will get 2 tacos as a reward for surveying at www.jacklistens.com/survey.
  • Only residents of America are eligible for this.

Find Jack in the box location Near you

Official restaurant locator is available to find out which restaurant is located near you. Use this link to get to the locator.

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The prize for Jacklistens Survey

The coupon you will get as a result of surveying at jacklistens will redeem you two free tacos. Their tasty Mexican Tacos are famous all around the country because of their quality and standards.

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